7 Types of Wireless Mouses and How to Choose One


Wireless mouse options are more abundant than ever and have become more advanced than ever before. If you plan to use a mouse regularly for work, school, gaming, or other purposes, you may want to choose a wireless option. Of course, you will want to learn more about the types of wireless mouses available and how to choose the best one. 

If you are unfamiliar of which mouse style works best for your needs, you will want to continue reading. We will break down the seven basic types of wireless mouse options, the best wireless mouses available today, and the various charging options.

How to Choose Your Mouse 

Of course, we will break down some of the best mouse options available today. However, it is important that you recognize the various types of mouses and how to choose what fits your needs. There are several types of wireless mouse options out there but not all of these are created equally. If you are interested in purchasing a mouse for your computer or laptop there are several things to keep in mind. You do not want to purchase a mouse that does not work for you. Things to consider before purchasing are:

What Type of Mouse do You need?


The first step to deciding on a wireless mouse is to pick which mouse type that you need. While it may seem self-explanatory, there are several types of wireless mouse options and they are not created equally. The type of mouse you choose will rely heavily on what you are using this mouse for and the specific designs that fit your needs. 

To decide on your perfect wireless mouse, you will want to consider the various types of wireless mouse options, such as:

  1. Gaming Mouse – Those who love gaming will want to purchase a specific mouse for gaming that is designed to make gaming easier. These will have additional buttons that help with gameplay and can be used to quickly access game moves. You will want your gaming mouse to be comfortable for extended gameplay and fit your specific gaming needs. 
  2. Travel Mouse – This is great for those who need a smaller mouse to throw into a bag or storage case and take from place to place. They are usually much smaller than traditional mice options as they are designed to take with you, making them great for smaller hands or even children. If you have to work in a variety of areas or tend to pack your mouse, this is a great options. 
  3. Ergonomic Mouse – If you plan to use your mouse for an extended period of time, such as an entire workday, this is a great option. These mouse options are designed with comfortability in mind and are created to fit a variety of grips. They also have buttons more accessible for easy use with little hand movement. 
  4. Optical Mouse – Most mouse choices will be either optical or laser, which are essentially two variations on the same technology. An optical mouse uses LED to reflect off the surface below the mouse and will use a laser to track movement. They can only be used on a flat surface but can be much steadier. 
  5. Laser Mouse – These are very similar but use a laser to track your mouse movement and work on a larger range of surfaces. They are often better as far as precision is concerned but can be a bit less steady. They are also more sensitive and can reach higher DPI ratings. 
  6. Bluetooth Mouse – This is often the top choice in wireless mouse as they connect directly to your device using Bluetooth. This can make it easier to switch from device to device and will not use any of your computer’s USB ports. Also, this can be connected without any additional accessories, making it easier to keep up with.
  7. RF Mouse with Dongle – This will be connected to your device using something called a dongle, which connects to a USB port. This makes connection a simple process but can be detrimental if you lose the dongle. However, these can be slightly more responsive compared to Bluetooth options. 

You will want to weigh the pros and cons of each type of mouse and consider what will work best for your needs. This should be the first step to deciding on your mouse. 

Compare the DPI of Each Mouse

Many will see the term DPI and have no idea what that stands for, but it can be important to the overall quality of the mouse. DPI itself means dots per inch and shows how far the mouse pointer will move for every inch the mouse itself moves. Essentially, it represents how far you must physically move the mouse to make it move on screen. 

A higher DPI is not always the best choice, but you should instead consider what you need and what fits your budget. If you are using your mouse for working purposes, a higher DPI is not always necessary and you may not need the mouse to move quickly. In fact, most who use their mouse for traditional purposes do not need to consider DPI. 

A great example of when this will come into play is gaming, which requires a higher DPI. On the other hand, editing software works best with a lower DPI as it can increase overall precision. Often, you need to consider your personal needs. 

What is Polling Rate?

Something else you will see on most wireless mouse spec sheets is the polling rate. This can be confusing but most simply do not need to worry about it. Essentially the polling rate is measured in hertz and shows how many times each second the position of the mouse is reported to the computer. 

In most cases, a higher number for the polling rate will equate to a higher accuracy and smoother movement. However, this is not always important, and it does not make paying a higher price worth it. The only case where polling Hz may become important is during gaming where mouse location can be more important more quickly. 

Wireless Mouse Options are Better Than Ever

If you are on the fence about spending your hard-earned money on a wireless mouse, the final thing you will want to remember is that they have become better than ever before. In fact, the pros for most wireless mouse options far outweigh the cons. Today, there is very little difference between a wireless and wired option.

Those who are still on the fence about switching to wireless can always opt for a mouse that can be used both wirelessly and wired. These are readily available and offer you the benefits of both mouse options. 

Do All Wireless Mouses Need Batteries? 

A big reason why many shy away from using a wireless mouse is because they do not want to keep up with changing the battery and maintaining battery life. However, not all wireless mouse options need batteries and many can be charged using a USB style charger. Of course, you want to purchase a mouse that offers this style of charging. 

How to Charge the Mouse

If you have a mouse that can be charged with a USB cable, you will want to read over the instructions to ensure that you are charging it properly. However, these all work very similarly and simply require you to hook up the mouse to the provided charger. This can then be used with a power source either in the wall or on your laptops USB port. 

A further breakdown of this process is:

  • Start by inserting the smaller end of the USB cable into the jack of the wireless mouse. This exact location will vary depending on the mouse you are using but is often on the underside or the front edge of the mouse. You will want to look over your mouse to find the charging jack or consult the instruction manual.
  • On the opposite end of the power cable, you will plug it into your laptop or another power source USB port. Most mouse options will require you to leave the mouse on charge for a few hours. It is important to charge the mouse completely before using again, as this can help extend battery life. 
  • Some mouse options will allow you to charge the mouse while you are using it by connecting it to your device. You will want to look over the mouse manual to see if this is an option before doing this. However, this is a great choice for those who use their mouse for extended periods of time. 

 If your mouse is charged through batteries, to lower your environmental impact, you can always purchase rechargeable batteries. 

Best Wireless Mouse Available Today 

There are countless wireless mouse options today that you can choose from. Some are very inexpensive, while others are much pricier. It is important to consider your budget and the purpose for your mouse before buying. 

Some of the best wireless mouses available today are:

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 

source: Logitech

This is a smaller sized mouse but still works wonderfully with most laptops or computers. You can find this mouse in a few different versions, but the universal or standard version is the one most often picked. They can be connected with either Bluetooth or a USB dongle, which will be included with the mouse. 

Some of the benefits of the Logitech MX are:

  • Fast Scrolling Capabilities
  • Programmable Buttons
  • Flow Support for Moving Cursor
  • Battery Lasts 70 Days
  • Quick 3 Minute Charge Available 
  • Smaller, Comfortable Size
  • No Need for a Mousepad 

You can find this mouse readily available at most shops. However, to purchase on Amazon, you will pay around $76 for this quality mouse. 

Contour Unimouse 

This is an ergonomic design that is unlike all the others. Most ergonomic designs are created to fit mainly right-handed individuals and are very size specific. However, this Unimouse works well for a large variety of users and fits the needs of almost anyone. 

Some of the biggest benefits of this style ergonomic mouse compared to others are:

  • There are Right- and Left-Hand Versions
  • You Can Adjust to Fit Your Hand
  • It Cradles Your Thumb and Can Rotate
  • You Can Widen or Narrow Your Grip
  • It Can be Wired and Charged
  • Six Programmable Buttons

One of the only negatives that many find with this mouse is that they cannot be used through Bluetooth. However, it can be used both wired and wireless. You can purchase this mouse on Amazon for around $80.

Jelly Comb MS003 Dual Mode

If you do not have an available USB port, this is a great option. It not only offers USB connection but also allows you to connect through Bluetooth. If you want, you can switch between these two connection options easily and use the mouse with a variety of devices. 

Some other benefits of this Jelly Comb mouse are:

  • It’s Very Low Profile
  • The Button on Top Allows for a Quick DPI Switch
  • You Have Great Cursor Control
  • It is Very Inexpensive

While this option does not have all the benefits that others do have, such as a trackball or additional buttons, it is a great option. A huge reason many love this is because you can grab this mouse for only $13 on Amazon.

VicTsing Mini Bluetooth Mouse

If you have smaller hands or need a mouse for your child, this is a great option. With an increase in virtual learning needs, this mouse has become a top contender for 2021 for those younger uses. The mouse is a great choice, offering both Bluetooth and connected use. 

Some benefits of the VicTSing are:

  • A Button on the Bottom Allows for Easy Switching Between Devices
  • Cursor Control is Very Smooth
  • Comfortable on the Palm 
  • Five DPI Settings
  • Silent Main Buttons
  • Powered with One AA Battery Offering 36 Months of Use
  • Inexpensive

Once again, this is a great option for those with smaller hands or to purchase for your child. They are very inexpensive, coming in at around $18 online. 

Logitech Ergo M575 Wireless Trackball Mouse

If you are interested in getting a mouse with a trackball, this is a great option. They can often be overlooked but they can be highly beneficial to those who feel comfortable using a trackball regularly. A huge benefit to trackballs are they do not require you to move your hand, making it great for those with no desk space.

Some benefits of the Logitech Ergo Trackball Mouse are:

  • Sculpted Shape Fits a Variety of Hands
  • Lower Price Than Similar Options
  • Uses a USB-A Wireless Receiver 

The one negative of this mouse is that it does not allow for Bluetooth connection, which can be challenging without an available USB port. However, if you want a mouse that fits your needs and offers a trackball, you can find this option online for around $50. 

Wisfox 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse 

If you want cheap, this is the top choice for your needs. Of course, you will lose out on the main extras that you find with many of the options listed above. However, if you want something inexpensive that will even work for a classroom of children, this is a great choice. 

Some of the benefits of this mouse are:

  • Ergonomic Curve and Rubberized Sides
  • Three DPI Settings
  • Uses One AA Battery
  • Houses Nano USB Receiver in Mouse
  • Bluetooth Version Available for a Bit More Money

Once again, this may not be the best mouse for someone who wants to use the mouse for several hours a day. However, if you want a mouse that works well and is great when you need it, this is a top choice. You can purchase the mouse for only $10 on Amazon. 

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

source: Microsoft

By the name alone, you should recognize that this mouse is going to be a great option. Microsoft has not grown their name in the tech world without offering quality products. This is a great choice if you are using Microsoft products already and utilizing one or more Windows 10 (and even Windows 11) PCs. 

Some benefits of the Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse are:

  • Customizable Buttons 
  • When Paired with Microsoft Products, Allow for Three Different Computers
  • Seamlessly Switch Devices with Cursor
  • Can be Used Wired
  • Comfortable for Extended Use

If you want a mouse that stands up to its name and offers you quality use, this is a great choice. You can purchase this mouse on Amazon for $79.

Get a Wireless Mouse That Fits Your Needs

Now that you know more about how to choose your mouse, the available charging options, and some great wireless mouse choices, you should feel comfortable choosing your mouse. Keep these steps in mind or check out some of the options listed above to find a mouse that fits your unique needs!

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