About Us

Hi I’m John Hammer, founder and author of Gizbuyer Guide. Since 2019, the sole mission of this website has been to share my excitement of using products in the consumer technology industry with you through easy-to-follow guides, curious information, and completely honest gadget reviews.

Ever since the original Xbox, PlayStation, and iPhone I’ve purchased and worked on all kinds of consumer tech products, gaming gadgets, wearables, AI implementation, and computer accessories. And to this day, my curiosity has never left, and my aim is to guide and share all my knowledge on technology through this site as I continue to learn and experience the latest of the consumer electronics industry.

Gizbuyer Guide also has a related YouTube channel which you can visit! It features myself and covers consumer tech topics like best TV setup tips for gaming consoles, proper ways to keep electronics clean, and device troubleshooting tips.

Thank you so much for visiting my website, and most importantly, enjoy!