Can A Smart Plug Turn On Your TV Or Other Devices?

Can A Smart Plug Turn On Your TV Or Other Devices

Have you ever needed access to devices in your home while you were away? Did you want to turn your TV on to make it look like someone was home? Maybe you have heard of smart plugs but just not sure what they do.

Can a smart plug turn on your TV or other devices? Yes, smart plugs give you the ability to turn your TV and other devices on and off wherever you are.

Smart plugs are devices that turn all your devices into smart devices. Using a smart plug, you can turn your television on and off. Smart plugs can also operate many other devices as well as turn them into smart devices. Besides just power, smart plugs give you many other benefits as well.

How Do Smart Plugs Work With Televisions?

Setting up and operating your smart plug is as simple as 1-2-3: 

1. First, you do need to have an internet and a wireless router in your home. 

2. Then, you plug your TV into the smart plug and then insert the smart plug into the wall socket. 

3. Your smart plug will identify and connect to your home network. 

You then have the capability to communicate with your TV through an app that you can either download and use from your phone or communicate with the device on a PC or laptop.

Each device has software that you use to operate the smart plug. Also, you can link your smart plug to a home hub such as Amazon Echo or Google Home and be able to control your TV with voice commands. You do not need a hub to use your smart plug with your TV, but it does allow you extra features.

With a smart plug, you can:

  • Put your television on a timer so it can appear that someone is home.
  • Save the cost of buying a new TV. The smart plug turns your television into a smart TV at a fraction of the cost.
  • Not have to worry about finding that remote. With the use of a home hub, change the channel, adjust the volume, or turn the TV on or off.

Smart plugs do the same with many different items as well. This will keep you from having a whole new coffee maker just because you want to upgrade from an old, dumb one to a smart coffee maker.

Can a Smart Plug Power Up Your PS4?

can a smart plug power on and off playstation 5

You cannot use a smart plug to directly power up your PS4 because Sony prevents third-party devices from being able to switch the PS4 on. That being said, there is a way you can use the smart plug to power on the PS4 through your TV. 

  • You’ll need to change the settings on the PS4 to Enable HDMI Device Link. 
  • You can find this in Settings > System
  • Once you have turned that feature on, whenever you power your TV on using your smart plug, it will then, in turn, power on your PS4

Note: For this to work, your television must be set to the input source that your PS4 is connected to. If it is set to a different input or channel, turning on the TV would not power up your PS4. Also, not all smart plugs are compatible with home hubs. Do a little research before purchasing if you are planning on connecting your smart plug and hub together.

What Other Devices Do Smart Plugs Work With?

Your smart plug works with many other devices making it a versatile household enhancement. Smart plugs can be used with any electronic device that plugs into the wall. 

Appliances, video and audio components, or even lamps or electric air fresheners can all be operated using a smart plug. Are items you have wanting to upgrade or improve for accessibility, but you haven’t wanted to purchase a brand new one? A smart plug is a solution that will allow you to turn your vintage Marantz 2330 Stereo Receiver into a modern smart stereo system.

Note: With a few devices, linking the smart plug to a home hub such as Amazon Echo or Google Home will give you a few added features with the smart plug for that device, but I would not recommend you go and buy a hub for that reason alone.

What Features Do Smart Plugs Give To Other Devices?

what other features do smart plugs have

Smart plugs have many features besides just turning devices on and off. Besides operating items, the smart plug allows you to track statistics for whatever is plugged, increase ease of use and comfort, and also save you money. A few of the features of smart plugs are listed below:

  • Finally, you can figure which devices are pulling the most electricity: Using the smart plug’s software, you can track the amount of power the device has used. If you are curious about multiple items, you don’t have to buy a plug for each one to get the answer. Just plug each item up to the smart plug one at a time and track your results.
  • Set your devices up to cut off when you don’t need them: Do you sometimes forget to power down your desktop at night? Do you leave the house for a short trip and end up enjoying an impromptu night out with friends? Your smart plug will have settings where you can program things to be cut off when you are not using them when you know you will not be using them or after a period of inactivity. Cutting these unnecessary power drainers off when they are not in use can save you as much as 10% off your utility bill.
  • Fool people into believing someone is home for security: Use your smart hub to turn different items on and off to give the outward appearance that the home is occupied. You can the TV on in one room and turn lights off in another with ease from where you are.
  • Let a smart plug help monitor your child’s device usage: You may have children at home that are alone in the afternoons after school until you get home from work. During those times, it is hard to monitor the amount of time they are spending on the television or working some other electronic device. You can set the smart plug to turn off for a certain time period, say 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm, and that is homework and study time. At 5:30 pm, then they will be able to go back to enjoying their devices. Now is also a great time to mention that you can set up your slow cooker or other kitchen appliance to start dinner at a certain time using your smart plug as well.

How Much Does A Smart Plug Cost And Where Can I Buy One?

Smart plugs can be found at major department stores such as Walmart and Target, hardware stores like Home Depot, and also office supply stores like Staples or OfficeMax. They can also be purchased at many online stores such as Amazon and Overstock as well.

Prices for smart plugs can range from $10 to as much for $100 depending on features, compatibility with different home hubs, and the number of outlets on the smart plug. Amazon offers Amazon Smart Plug that pairs great with Amazon Echo for about $25.00. Considering a smart plug can save up to 10% on energy costs and add in the great benefits that come with a smart plug, I feel a smart plug is well worth the money.

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