Can People Hear My AirPods?

It is shown that over 70% of all teens own and use Apple AirPods. They give you a personal sound system to listen to without disturbing the people around you. Or do they? The question always comes up: Can people hear my AirPods?

As a general rule, AirPods can be heard by people sitting close by. This is because the volume is turned up, or they do not fit into the ear correctly. This will vary according to the surroundings and how well they fit into the ear canal.

The newer the version of AirPods you have, the less likely it is to be heard by the people around you. In fact, they have started using new innovative technology to reduce this problem. Let’s take a look at what Apple has done to remove this problem from the equation.

Why Do People Around Me Hear My AirPods?

There are many different reasons why people sitting or standing next to you would hear the music you have playing through your AirPods. Unless you ask, you will never know if people are hearing you. But a dead giveaway is when you are being stared at by people close to you. Some of the main reasons why this would happen are listed below.

  • Fit – Every ear is different, which means that an AirPods you obtain straight from the seller may not fit into your ear correctly. When purchasing a new one, in the box will come various sizes of earpieces, so you can make them fit better. Unfortunately, not many people make an effort to do so.
  • Volume – If you like to drown out the world around you, the volume will be turned up as high as you can handle. People around you may hear the music, especially if the surroundings are quiet. They will not usually be able to listen to the song’s words, but the beat will leak out.
  • Space – You may not have control over how close people sit to you, but if on a bus or plane, the person next to you will be right next to you. They can hear the noise leaking out of your ears unless you have the volume turned way down.

The three main reasons that your AirPods can be heard by the people around you may be obvious. It may also be annoying for the people that have to sit by and listen to your taste in tunes. But, there is a solution to this problem, and that is where the AirPods Pro comes into play.

Can People Around You Hear My AirPods Pros?

Apple is famous for being one of the top-running innovative companies in the world. They listened when they heard people commenting about the noise they had to hear when sitting next to someone wearing a pair of AirPods. They put all their intelligence into one room and figured out a way to solve the problem without losing sales. It is a persistent problem for people not being in the mood to hear music or noise.

There is a solution to the problem on the market today. The AirPods Pro can cancel out the sound of the devices, making it nearly impossible for people around you to hear what you are listening to. The newer the Pro’s are, the better they will be at canceling the outside noise.

AirPods Pros are among the best on the market, but the problem with them is that they are designed to work with Apple products, not Droids. That is a discussion for another time, though, because today, AirPods are in the spotlight. A spotlight that allows you to withdraw into your own musical world without disturbing any people around you.

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Final Thoughts


It quickly becomes apparent when you have a pair of AirPods in that the people sitting close to you can hear the beat of your music. It is also obvious when walking down the road; people glance up from their phones to see where the beat is coming from. But to you, withdrawn into your own little bubble, it does not seem to be that big of a problem.

For the most part, it is not that big of a deal. People may not be happy that they can hear your music, but they will simply ignore you and go on with their days. If you are worried about your sound escaping from your ear, invest in some AirPods Pros, turn down the volume, or try to replace the earpieces. Hence, it fits into your ear correctly.

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