Do Routers Make A Difference At All?

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We are so dependent on WiFi and the internet, and we need it to be as speedy and reliable as possible. Router, modem, highspeed, dual-band, all of these terms can get confusing and overwhelming. Breaking it all down piece by piece can help you understand the purpose that each item serves, and what it is going to do for you.

Do routers make a difference at all? Routers are pieces of electronic equipment that help you connect multiple devices at the same time to an internet connection through a modem. Routers also boost the speed of your internet connection and provide cybersecurity through password protection. You do not need to use a router, but it will severely limit your capabilities and leave your internet connection vulnerable to others attempting to steal your connection, slowing your service speed.

Do you need answers about routers? Let’s take a closer look at all of the details.

Does A Good WiFi Router Make A Difference?

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If we are paying more for a product, we expect it to perform better than a less expensive one. We want more bang for our buck. In the world of technology, there are several ways we decide which product will best suit our needs and lifestyle.

When we are setting up a home internet connection and computer system, we may list all of the necessary equipment. The cost can begin to add up quickly, so you could be questioning if you truly need each item, or if you can possibly omit a few items from the list to keep the costs down.

Ok, so what price range are you shopping in? Do you want the best that money can buy, no matter what the cost? Or, are you searching for something according to your price range? 

Either way, no one is out to buy something that is not going to perform well. And we still want a quick internet connection with all of the features we desire. 

Do you have a brand of equipment that you prefer, or do you follow reviews of products to help you choose? Assuming that you put thought into it and aren’t just grabbing the first one that you see on the shelf

What’s the Purpose of a Router?

Technology can be confusing. Knowing what each piece of equipment does can help us better understand how they all work together. Such is the case with a WiFi router; it is one of those parts that helps the whole system work together.

A router’s job is to basically be a splicer for your internet connection. It allows you to use the same internet connection for all of your devices. You can only run as many demanding devices as your service can power.

A common problem is attempting to connect too many devices or too many high demand devices and overloading the connection. You will suffer through very slow internet if you are asking too much of the connection. 

Do some math and get an estimate on how much internet you need, then contact your provider to see if you have an appropriate monthly internet package, or if there is something better suited to your needs. They may be able to custom tailor a package for you, and maybe give some helpful tips on how to boost your speed.

A high-quality, top of the line router will give you a power boost, bringing higher speed, and a more reliable connection to the internet. In addition to all of that, you will receive safe cybersecurity with a higher quality router.

Is There Really a Difference Between Routers?

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We are in the market for a WiFi router, and want to know is there really a difference between a cheap one and a top of the line router? Should we buy a name brand, or is it safe to buy a brand we have never heard of?

  • Powerhouse- A high-quality router will give you peace of mind knowing that you can connect all of your devices, and not have crashes or problems.
  • High-speed internet- A router’s main job is to boost the speed of the internet connection. The higher the quality of the router, the better your high-speed connection will be. There are different levels of speed, so shop around for the best fit for you and your needs.
  • Security- The most important feature of a router to some people is the security feature. The higher quality routers focus on tight security. Create a serious or silly name for your internet network and a complex password that would be very hard to guess. Doing this protects your connection from being used by someone without your permission and slowing your connection and putting yourself at cyber risk.
  • Reliability- Trust means a lot to us and knowing that we can trust and rely on our router to provide us with a steady, fast, and secure internet connection is priceless. A high-quality router is more reliable in every sense vs. a low quality, cheaply made router. Check online tech reviews for full coverage reviews on specific questions that you may have about different routers that are on the market. Learn all about the latest releases and what they can do.


A high-quality router will give you what you are looking for as far as internet connection and coverage is concerned.

The strength of the signal from your router will dictate the speed of your service, and smoothness of the coverage. Buying a cheaper or lower-quality router could result in spotty coverage and slow speeds due to a weak signal.

When a router has an external antenna, you can use it to your advantage by moving it around to get the best angle for the strongest signal. If you get a better response from the north side, swivel the antenna around instead of moving the entire router.

For dual-band internet coverage, you will purchase a different router than if you were to be using single-band internet. Depending on the speed that you need, you will pick between one of those two services.

Your Needs

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There is not always a direct answer as to which WiFi router is best because not everyone has the same internet needs. If you are someone that does not use the internet a lot, you might not purchase the same router that is meant for high usage like a home business or an online gamer.

For those that live alone, there may not be a need for a router at all. The purpose of a router is to split the internet connection to all of your (and your guests) devices. Not using a router may be your way of saving money and counter space, but it may not work for everyone, even if you live alone.

Not having a router will definitely limit the potential uses of your internet connection. Stop and ask yourself, “do you really want to go that route?”

A router may take up extra counter space, and cost you some cash, but it will give you the option to have an internet connection available, should you need it. And, it also gives you peace of mind when it comes to security.

Everyone needs security, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Often, our whole lives are accessible through our devices. If we leave our internet connection unprotected, a hacker could simply slip in and snag your personal information.

Shopping Around

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Depending on what your internet provider company offers, you may be able to take some of the guesswork out of this whole ordeal. Most people do not enjoy shopping for new electronics and parts; we just want to get to the point that it is all up and running.

You probably have your internet provider picked out already, right? Before you hit the stores, give them a call. The company may provide all of the equipment that you need. For an extra fee, of course. 

They may break up the price of the router if they sell them. That way, you can pay monthly installments on top of your bill.

What’s nice about purchasing your equipment through a company that you are purchasing internet connection from is that they typically sell the perfect match of product to service. When you buy your modem from them, they will most likely offer installation and service on the equipment, should there ever be any problems.

If you wish to purchase a router on your own, or if the internet service provider does not sell them, take your time. Do all of your research first. Look up reviews for all possible routers that might fit your needs and budget.

Do You Need More Than One Router?

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Some may be questioning if they even need a router for their home computer system, while others may be wondering if they should use more than one router in their set up. In this case, more is more!

Will adding extra routers benefit you and your internet speed and efficiency? For most people, one high-quality router (and maybe a wifi extender) should be enough for their needs. Others may require more power, more speed, and provide the internet to more devices.

For ultra-high demand, adding wifi extenders under the same network or multiple routers on separate networks can provide the speed and power that can keep up to the demand placed on it. This may be necessary for businesses or schools that require the extra boost.

Should you decide to use multiple routers, or wifi extenders, in your home or business, just remember to give plenty of space between the routers in use. The signals that they give off can affect one another. Boost up your internet and make your neighbors jealous with your super speedy connection.

Modem and Router?

A common question asked is if you have a modem, do you need a router, as well? The short answer is that the router and the modem do different tasks. 

If you are only using one device in the home, you would not need a router. Most of the time, that does not apply. Even for a single person, several devices are being used between computers, phones, television, tablets, home security systems, and more.  

What you can do is buy an all-in-one. Check out the next section for more details. A great way to avoid purchasing both a modem and router. Who doesn’t love saving money (and space!)

Built-in Router

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Did you know that you may be able to purchase a modem that has a router within it? A modem is used to connect to the internet; everyone that has WiFi in their home or business has one. And, the best thing is that it may include an internal router. 

Purchasing a router for your computer system just got a lot easier. Sometimes when electronics are blended into combination products, the performance of each element can take a hit because the focus of the manufacturer is now split into two elements instead of focusing on making just one element as good as it can be.

Surprisingly enough, with router/modem combo units, there have not been too many negative reviews. From basic home use to large business server use, the combo of a router and a modem typically serve the needs and demands of a wide variety of customers.

One more bonus when buying your router and modem together? Savings, right? Instead of having to buy two pieces of equipment, you only need to spend your money on one unit.

The Importance of Password Protection

In the quest to have the perfect speed of internet service, we will try all types of hacks, don’t we? This may not be a hack, but it is definitely something that will keep your internet speeds as fast as they can be.

Setting up a network name and a password for your personal internet will keep other people from being able to access your internet. Unless someone has your network name and password, they will not be able to log in and steal your internet.

The more devices that are running off of your internet, the slower your internet speed will be. Neglecting to protect your internet with a password leaves it vulnerable to possibly getting bombarded by internet thieves.

If there is someone within 300 feet of your modem, they can tap into your connection. This may not be a big deal. But they may slow down your connection. And, if they do something illegal while using your internet connection, you could get in trouble for it. Downloading songs, for instance.

How Long Do Routers Last?

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When you are gathering all components of a computer system, you are not only making decisions and purchases; you are making space and setting up an area where the components will live. How long will they live there?

How long will it be before you replace the major components like a router? Thankfully routers last for years. The typical life expectancy of a high-quality router is 3-4 years.

To get the most out of your router, you should take care of it. Keep it in a well-ventilated area because it can overheat, and you risk it burning out before its time. Also, keep the router clean; any dust that gets through the vents can damage it. 

The last tip of getting the most out of your router is to protect the electricity connection from the plug to an outlet with a surge protector. In the case of a bad storm or surge to the electricity outlet, equipment like an internet router can be zapped and fried, rendering it useless.

Don’t screw it down or mount it in a place that is difficult to access. Cleaning and moving it around will be challenging if it is not placed in an easy to access ventilated spot.

Router Gone Bad

The elements of a computer system are like organs of the body. If one of those elements isn’t functioning as it should, the entire system will be affected. 

Attempting to be a detective and looking for the malfunctioning element can feel like a wild goose chase if you do not know what you are looking for. Technology can be our best friend when running properly. But, when something goes wrong, it can be extremely frustrating.

Troubleshooting can be a good way to go about your investigation. Two major red flags for router failure may be unusually spotty service and no internet service at all.

  • Checking the lights on the display of the router can tell you a lot. If there are no lights, check the electricity connection at the outlet. 
  • Of course, you should try the tried and tested hack of unplugging it and plugging it back in. That often helps reset the system. You are getting off easy if this works, but whatever works, right?

If you do think that your router has gone bad, or has somehow been damaged, check for a warranty. There is usually a warranty included with electronics such as this. Under certain situations, and within a time limit, you may be able to get a replacement or repair instead of replacing it.

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