Do Xbox One Controllers Work on Series S?

When a new console is released, a common question that gamers have is whether their controllers, headphones, and other accessories from the previous model will work on the next gen console. In 2022, Xbox finally gave us the Xbox Series S to upgrade from the popular Xbox One, and once again, we ask if we can keep our trusty Xbox One controller or if we’re limited to the new and improved Xbox Series X controller?

According to Xbox, “the Xbox Series X/S consoles are compatible with most Xbox One controllers.” Therefore, you shouldn’t have an issue connecting your beloved Xbox One controller to your new Xbox Series S console. Still, this is not guaranteed. Older controllers and those from less reputable third parties might not work with an Xbox Series S. 

In this article, we will discuss the optimal controller recommendations for the Xbox Series S, whether they be ones designed specifically for this console or those originally meant for the Xbox One. We will also discuss whether other Xbox One gaming accessories, such as headsets, are also compatible with the Xbox Series S. 

Best Controllers for Xbox Series S

There is much that the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X controllers have in common, but there are also distinct features of each, regarding design, aesthetic, function, and more. Whether you’d prefer to stick to your current Xbox One controller or upgrade to an Xbox S controller, there are undoubtedly options for both designs that provide superior gameplay on the Xbox Series S over competitors. 

 The best controllers for the Xbox Series S include:

We have dedicated a brief section to each of these options below so you can see their most influential pros and cons as well as what type of gamer they’re best suited for. 

Xbox Wireless Controller

This classic controller is the ideal choice for the typical gamer who hops on the Xbox every now and then for standard campaigns or the occasional online match. While it might not have the most spectacular specs or the most ergonomic design, these controllers are reliable, comfortable, and one of the most affordable options on our list. 

SCUF Instinct Pro

Now, on the complete other side of the spectrum from the everyday gamer is those who are fierce competitors and play online matches in relentless pursuit of being one of the best gamers of their time. If this description matches you, then there is no controller in existence better than the SCUF Instinct Pro. 

This luxury option costs much more than the average person is willing to spend on a controller, but for competitors, every penny is worth it. In addition to full customization capabilities, these controllers have top tier speed, precisions, control adjustability, and much more to ensure you perform at your absolute best every round. 

Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Those of you who lie somewhere in-between the casual gamer and the pro competitor will enjoy the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma. 

For a reasonable price, you’ll get a controller with specs that far exceed the standard wireless Xbox controller and can even give the SCUF controllers a run for their money. While you won’t get the immense ergonomic and control customization options SCUF provides, these wired controllers have a few perks of their own, starting with reduced input-latency due to the fact that they are physically connected to your console.  

They are also versatile controllers that can be connect to any Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, or PC, making it the go-to for any gaming session.

Are Other Xbox One Gaming Accessories Compatible With The Xbox Series S?


We’ve spent a lot of time discussing the controller options for your new Xbox Series S, but these are rarely the only tools in a gamer’s arsenal. Most will have multiple controllers in addition to sound systems, headsets, various cables, and more. The question is, are these all compatible with the Xbox Series S as well or will they need replacing?

The rules regarding compatibility of Xbox One accessories to the Xbox Series S is similar to that of controllers; for the most part, headsets, cables, and other tools should be compatible with both consoles, but there are occasions where older and/or third party products are incapable to working with the Xbox Series S’ new systems.

Of course, the next question is really whether you’d want to stick with your old Xbox One equipment or reap the benefits of new and improved Xbox Series S accessories. 

Most casual players won’t see the point in spending extra money on tools that will hardly improve their gameplay, whereas more competitive players will do everything they can to get an edge over the competition. Purchasing updated equipment that permits increased response times, communication/ in-game hearing, and other specs can do just that. 

In the end, the decision to stick with comfort or upgrade is wholly dependent on the individual. 

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Final Thoughts

After investing a hefty sum into the new Xbox Series S console, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that most of your Xbox One controllers and accessories are compatible with the next gen systems. Of course, there’s no harm in upgrading your standard controller to some of our recommendations listed above for an improved Xbox Series S gaming experience.


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