Do You Need a 4K TV for Xbox Series S?

Getting the most out of your Xbox Series S is not a difficult job. The box is made to transmit a signal that streams in at 720p, 1080p, or 4k. This could be a bit confusing for people already overwhelmed by the model numbers and what they can do. So do you need a 4K TV for your Xbox Series S?

No, you do not need a 4K television for an Xbox Series S. While the gaming console can broadcast a signal in 4K, it is not required to use the device. Connecting to any HD TV allows you to play the gaming system while still enjoying a crisp and perfect picture.

When it comes to gaming and dealing with the correct television for your gaming system, you can get into serious hot water. There are so many options now that you could get a set that could cost a couple hundred or be trapped by one that is overpriced and incorrect for your uses. So read on and learn if you need a 4K TV for your Xbox Series S!

Some Things to Know About the Xbox Series S and Series X

Just because a gaming system can broadcast at 4K doesn’t mean it has to. Many people could be confused by the systems’ output and possibly the machines’ names. By knowing a few things about the systems you can find out which device is suitable for you.

A few things that make the Series X and Series S Xbox different are:

  • Upscale – The Xbox Series X is made to transmit a signal at 4K. A television can only decode these signals with the proper processing power. One of the neat things about the Series S is that it can upscale. That means it will transmit at the same hertz frequency as Series X.
  • Connectivity – One of the most significant differences between the models is connectivity. For a Series X to perform as designed, you need a television with serious resolution and refresh rates. For a Series S, you only need a television that can reach the 1440p resolution and refresh rate of 120hz.
  • Price – The price of the Series S is more affordable than the X. The Series X has many other options like streaming games in 4K and more storage. Extra price is one of the most significant differences between the models.

Now that you know the most significant difference between the Series X and Series S, you can begin to pick out the correct television. Picking a TV is lots of fun but can leave you with lots of research on machines that are all but equal and not good for your wallet or your device.

What Kind of TV is Required for Playing an Xbox Series S?

The television market is stacked with lovely sets with incredible internal processing power. The hurdles for an Xbox Series S are a bit different than the Series X, which means the televisions are more affordable while still performing at a spectacular level.

The 40-Inch TCL Smart TV is an Excellent Choice for a Series S

When it comes to having a television that can do it all and still have some money left in your pocket, there aren’t many options better than TCL. It is a 40-inch screen television with three HDMI inputs. It also has the Smart TV option that allows you to watch all your streaming apps while taking a break from gaming.

Some things that stand out about the TCL Smart TV are:

  • Price – The price of the TCL is one of the best things. It is a high-end television with a low-end price. These televisions are great for gaming as they can be used for hours and still produce the same clear and crisp picture as when they were first used.
  • Refresh Rate – As mentioned earlier, the refresh rate for the Series S is what matters most. The refresh rate for the TCL is 120hz, which is the magic number for 1080p perfection.

The TCL is one of those televisions gamers will use for years. On top of its high performance and low price tag, the TCL is also a favorite of people who like to travel to events. Combining that with the other options and TCL is the way for Xbox Series S gamers.

Samsung is a Quality Company that Makes Excellent Gaming Televisions

Samsung is a name that you all know and love. Their products are some of the highest-rated in all areas in which they compete, and their televisions are a favorite for gamers looking for performance on a dime.

A few things you should know about the Samsung television are:

  • Quad-Core Processing – The quad-core processor on the inside of the machine is what makes the television great for gaming. It decodes the signal from the Xbox Series S faster than other televisions because of the processor.
  • No Frills – If you are a gamer who concentrates only on your game and not your equipment, having a Samsung could be a game-changer. It is a slicked-down television with few inputs and tremendous processing power.

Samsung goes out of its way to get quality products to its customers. By having models suited for different purposes, they hit more parts of the market than just concentrating on a single market for their products.

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You can use an Xbox Series S without having a 4K television. Some could be intimidated when choosing a console into believing that a 4K TV is mandatory. There are ways to have an expensive TV for a gaming system, and a television with a smaller price tag is often the best choice.

Picking a television for your Xbox Series S could be a bit of an uphill battle. The thing to concentrate on is that you do not need a 4K resolution television, only one that can work at 1080p while having a refresh rate of 120hz. That is quite the hurdle for HD TVs, but those models are out there.


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