Do You Need a 4K TV for Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is the newest model of the record-setting Microsoft gaming console. The system boasts improved graphics and faster loading times. Another thing offered by the gaming giant is 4K resolution. So do you need a 4K TV for Xbox Series X?

A 4K resolution TV is not required for the Xbox Series X. The Series X connects with HDMI, which means you can attach it to several outputs like an HD television or a projector.

My LG CX 4K television running the Hogwarts Legacy game on an Xbox Series X

The attachments on the television should have labeled spots for the HDMI cords, and they only insert one way. Dealing with these connections and how understanding what they do is a complicated process and could be frustrating for some. So read on and learn all you need about needing a 4K tv for your Xbox Series X.

How to Connect your Xbox Series X to a Video Source

One of the great things about technology is it makes things more simple for people to operate. For example, in the good old days, there were several different cords that needed to be changed. With HDMI, the cord goes from the machine to the tv, and that’s that. A few other little things might trip you up, though.

Some things to pay attention to when connecting your Xbox Series X to the video source are:

  • Selected Input – When you choose the input for the HDMI, you must be able to discern markings on the source. Often there are multiple inputs; depending on the video source, you should check and ensure the marking on the back of the device matches those on the OUTPUT portion of the Xbox Series X.
  • Source Input – Whatever you are using as an output device will have some settings that need to be adjusted. Check the owner’s manual or search around on the remote to find the menu. Once you find the menu look for the video input selection. Once inside, choose the input that matches your previous input selection.
  • Troubleshooting – There could be a few things that could keep the streamlined connection process from working correctly. By doing some troubleshooting, you can get things back on track. The most important thing is to check the machines’ connections and try all the video inputs until you get the screen you are looking for.

If the cords were loose, they should be firmly plugged into the back of each machine. Once you know the cables are secure and in the correct places, you can take a whirl on the remote and find out which input is carrying the Xbox Signal. You can tell as the Xbox home screen will be full of ad banners and links to saved content.

Video Sources to Connect to Xbox Series X

One of the unique things about gaming consoles is their ability to play well in almost any format or size. This also makes the console adaptable to any situation and can be played almost anywhere. In addition, this allows gamers to take their rigs to tournaments or E-sporting events.

A few video sources for your Xbox Series X are:

  • Television – The most used platform for a Series X will be television. TVs have become more affordable and larger than just a few years ago. In addition, their ability to broadcast a crisp and clear picture with an incredible refresh rate makes them an excellent choice for playing epic games at home.
  • Projector – One of the newest ways to attach your Xbox Series X to a video source is with a projector. Projectors create a huge screen area, over 100 inches, and can be taken with you almost anywhere. Of course, the biggest requirement is to have a good screen and a room with darkened windows and low light.

HDMI changed the game when it came to taking your system on the road and playing against others in a LAN environment. In addition, the attachments allowed people to attach them to any tv, and some projectors made them easy for kids to use by themselves.

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You do not need a 4K resolution television to play an Xbox Series X. The resolution will look just fine on an HD television but will be noticeably different on an SD set. You will be able to adjust the settings on the television to determine which resolution you are using, and 1080p is suggested.

While connecting the Xbox Series X to any video source, you could have some problems. So the first thing to do is check the connections between the HDMI and sources. Once they are secure, you should move through the video outputs on your device until you see the Xbox home screen on your display.


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