How To Fix PS5 From Randomly Turning Off

There is nothing like being in the middle of a fantastic PS5 gaming session when, all of a sudden, the console randomly shuts down. This frustration is shared with several owners who also have experienced their PS5s randomly turning off during game downloads, updates, and while in rest mode. Eager to research more, I strived to find out what is causing this common PS5 issue and ways to fix it once and for all.

In the PS5 settings, disable Rest Mode to avoid random shutdowns. Additional fixes include rebuilding the database, checking the power source, cleaning the air vents and fan, disabling HDMI Device Link, and updating the system firmware.

Read on to follow this how-to fix it guide to solve the PS5 from randomly turning off in more detail and finally restore smooth, fun gaming sessions once again.

Disable Rest Mode

While most of the time the PS5 is only going to enact rest mode if you are not playing for an extended period of time, there have been times where the PS5 will go into rest mode while you are playing. 

To fix this, you will have to disable rest mode in your settings. Simply go to Settings > System > Power Saving, then choose a time until the PS5 goes into rest mode and choose “don’t go into rest mode” during media playback and playing games. This could fix your problem with your PS5 shutting off during playing games. 

Rebuild The PS5’s Database

Rebuilding the PS5’s database is a great option to help reboot your PS5 and all of its storage without losing any of your information or saved progress. Rebuilding your database literally creates a new database of all your information and helps everything run smoother, faster, and cleaner. Rebuilding your database can help fix issues not easily solved by updating or restarting. 

To rebuild the PS5’s database you need to enter safe mode by pressing the power button on your console for 5-10 seconds until you hear it beep twice. Once your PS5 enters into safe mode you will not be able to use your controller wirelessly so you need to connect it using the cord. 

From there you can choose to rebuild your database and allow it to complete the process, which can take a few hours. Once everything loads back up you should be able to download and start games quicker and without getting stuck or without your PS5 shutting off. 

Disable HDMI Device Link


Your HDMI Device Link allows the power to your PS5 to be turned on when your TV is, so when you turn the TV on, your PS5 turns on with it rather than you having to turn them on separately. This also allows your TV to automatically switch the imput to the PS5 without having to change it manually. While it is a fantastic feature, it can often cause issues with your PS5 staying on the full duration of use. 

You can disable it by going to Settings > System > HDMI and toggling the HDMI Device Link off. Once you disable this feature, you will have to turn your tv and PS5 on separately, but you should see fewer instances of your PS5 randomly turning off. 

Change Power Source

While most of the time the power source isn’t usually an issue, it certainly can become a problem if it is not working right. If you don’t have enough power going to your PS5, it can shut off randomly or not turn on at all. 

If you have your PS5 plugged up to a surge protector or anything that isn’t the wall plug and you are having issues, try plugging your PS5 directly into the wall to see if it fixes your issues. If your issues still persist, ensure your cord is plugged into your PS5 correctly and fully. For the last effort to fix your issue, you can always move to a different outlet to ensure the outlet you are using is not broken or damaged.

Firmware Updates

In some cases, if your PS5 is not updated to the most recent version, this can cause glitches and processing problems that ultimately can cause your system to shut itself off. While this issue can cause quite a few other issues it is extremely easy to fix. 

By simply opening your PS5 settings and going into the system software you can find the system update option. From there you should be able to update your PS5 by following the prompts on the screen and you should notice a smoother playing experience. 

Overheating Issues


If your PS5 is turning off in the middle of your gaming or using it, chances are it’s overheating and when it turns itself off, it’s trying to protect itself. If you allow your PS5 to become too hot, it can damage the internal components and contribute to more problems down the road. 

The first thing you need to do is figure out why your PS5 is overheating. Your PS5 should be in an open area and not in a closed-off area with minimal airflow. If your PS5 is in a small cabinet or any closed area, chances are it’s not getting enough airflow to help cool it off. You can move your PS5 to an open area with plenty of airflows and it should resolve the issues. Generally, your PS5 should be placed with a minimum of 4 inches of space between each side of the PS5 and the wall.

If your PS5 is still having issues or is already in an open area, you may want to check the air vents for dirt, dust, or other debris that could be obstructing airflow from helping the PS5 cool off. You can use a small vacuum or use a larger one very carefully to remove any dust, dirt, or debris from the vents. Opening up the air vents should resolve any of your problems. It’s best practice to keep pets, kids, and plants away from your PS5 and its vents to minimize dirt and debris from getting caught up in the vents.

The other common issue that can cause PS5s to overheat is the material they are placed on or near while in use. While it may look nice to place your PS5 on a small rug, a decorative towel, or a placemat, you won’t be able to do so. The material that those things are made of usually obstructs airflow and can build up heat within itself and transfer it to the PS5. While you are playing your PS5 will consistently get hotter and hotter until it shuts itself off to protect the components. 

The last option to fix an overheating issue from your PS5 is to clean it. You need to start off by using compressed air to blow off any dirt, dust, and debris out of the vents and off the sides. Once you are done with the compressed air, you will need a TX Torx Screwdriver, which I found on Amazon, to loosen the screws and remove the fan to clean it. While the fan helps to keep your PS5 cooled off if it is dirty it will simply blow dust around and possibly cause a bigger issue. 

To clean your PS5 fan there are a few steps to ensuring it is cleaned well and put back together correctly. To clean the fan on your PS5 you do as follows:

  • Remove the stand and faceplates from your PS5
  • Remove the plastic intake fin from the PlayStation and remove the other 4 screws under that
  • Follow the fan cables to find the fan, disconnect and remove the fan
  • Using compressed air, blow into the interior until you no longer see dust coming out
  • Put your PS5 back together and turn it on to ensure it works properly

This will help you fan cool off your PS5 more efficiently and lower the amount of dust that is thrown around in your PS5.

Contact Sony Customer Support

If any of the solutions above do not work you may have to contact Sony Customer Support to send in your PS5 and allow them to find and fix the problem. While this is never the desired solution because it requires you to ship your PlayStation off and wait around for an answer, then wait around for it to be shipped back to you, sometimes this is the only option. 

Before contacting Sony Customer Support, it’s best to have your purchase date, or order number and your warranty information for your PS5 on hand in case they need to verify. If your PS5 is no longer under warranty, they can always choose not to fix it, or to charge you quite a bit to fix the issue. 

It’s also important that you send your PS5 in undamaged as that can void the warranty and create a problem with them fixing the issues. 

Things To Know


While it’s not very hard to fix things on your PS5 at home, it’s always worth noting that anything can go wrong when you are messing with the settings and hardware of any gaming system. While most of the time, if instructions are followed closely, you won’t have any issues fixing your PS5 and continuing to use it as normal, there is always the chance for something to go wrong. 

When trying to fix anything electronic or digital you agree to the chance that you can break, ruin or mess something up simply because it’s digital and electronic and can be fragile. If you are okay with this small amount of risk at the chance of fixing your device and its issues, then by all means go for it. 

There is also always the chance that by doing certain processes you can void the warranty of your system so you want to read through the warranty agreements before trying to fix anything to ensure you know what you are getting into. 

Furthermore, Sony always has the right to clarify what they deem a violation of the warranty and if you choose to send your device in after attempting to fix it on your own and they can prove that you tried to fix it yourself, they can refuse the warranty claim and make you pay for the fix. 

While these are rare occasions, you always need to know what you are getting into before making a decision to try and fix your PS5. 

Final Thoughts

Even though the PS5 has an unfortunate issue that causes extreme frustration and a disheartening amount of redoing sections of games, there is a way to fix it. The other issue is, that there could be a few problems that are causing the ultimate issue. 

No matter, there are solutions you can do yourself for almost every issue your PS5 has that is contributing to its automatic shut-off. It may take some trial and error to figure out what the sole issue is, but it will save time and a ton of energy once the problem is finally fixed.

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