The 5 Best Ways To Mount A Curved Monitor

Curved monitors have been around for a while, since as early as 2014. They have slowly been growing in popularity with their sleek design and the fact that they are easier on the eyes. So what are the best ways to mount a curved monitor?

There weren’t many options at the beginning as it was a new concept, but now you have plenty of options for setting up your monitor(s). You can set it on your desk or you can hang it up on your wall. Here are all the options to mount your monitor.

Can You Mount A Curved Monitor?

When curved monitors first came out, you had very limited options to how you can mount a monitor. This is because the curved design made it harder and was not compatible with current mounts. But that has changed over the years.

You can mount your curved monitor in many different ways. You can install the monitor on the wall, on a stand, with multiple monitors or just one. You don’t have to settle for one type like you had when this product first came out.

How To Mount A Curved Monitor

Installing your monitor shouldn’t take you very long nor do you need extra set of hands (although it can be useful to have a friend assist you). You won’t need tools either because everything should come with the mount.

Once you have everything gathered you can begin the mounting process. You will need to have the stand or mount, tools, instructions, and the monitor. But there are many types of mounts you can choose from and these steps are different for each type of mount:

  • Freestanding mounts
  • Side-clamp mounts
  • Through-the-desk mounts
  • Wall mounts

Freestanding Mounts

Freestanding mounts are pretty straightforward. You will need to put the stand together and then attach the monitor. There should be instructions with the stand to show you how to attach your monitor to the stand. It should be at least four screws and then you can set up your monitor.

Side-Clamp Mounts

Side clamps aren’t too different from freestanding mounts. You attach your monitor to the edge of your desk. These mounts may prove more versatile and easier to adjust your monitor at angles that the freestanding may be limited.

Through-The-Desk Mounts

Through-the-desk mounts may require a drill and drill bits, especially if you don’t already have a hole to put the mount through. Often, these mounts can be either side-clamp mounts that have parts for a through the desk.

If you worry about your monitor falling over, this option may be the best for you. You will need to drill a hole where you would like to place the mount. Ensure that you choose the right size for the hole. It is better to start smaller than bigger. You can’t make the hole smaller, but you can make it bigger.

Once the hole is made, you can attach the stand and monitor. This will only take a matter of minutes. Then you can set everything up and plug it in. 

Wall Mounts

When putting in a wall mount, you want to choose a wall where you can locate the studs in the wall for the best results. If not, your mount should have come with anchors for your screws that can withstand the weight of your monitor. You can also invest in anchors that can withstand even more weight if you want something more reliable.

Once you have all your tools and equipment gathered, follow these steps to mounting your monitor:

  • Drill the marks on the wall.
  • Install the anchors.
  • Attach the base of the mount. 
  • Attach the monitor to the mount.
  • Ensure all screws and bolts are tight.
  • Plug in your monitor.

The 5 Best Ways To Mount A Curved Monitor

There are many great ways to mount your curved monitor. This depends on what you prefer and how many monitors you will be installing in your home. Here are some great mounting devices that can make your computer area clean and sleek.

MountUp Single Monitor Stand


The MountUp Single Monitor Stand is easy to install. You don’t need any extra tools to install it. It is perfect for smaller monitors as you just set it on the top of your desk, and you are good to go with your monitor and computer set up.

Don’t think that this product will buckle, for it is a durable steel material. It has a strong, sturdy base wide enough to live up to your monitor and tilt it. This gives you the best angles without having to install your monitor into the wall or attach it to your desk.

ErGear Single Monitor Desk Stand

The ErGear Mount Stand is a great option for larger and heavier monitors. It clamps down on your desk, so you don’t fear that your monitor will tip over. You can even secure it with screws if necessary.

The best thing about this stand is that it swivels. You don’t have to settle with only raising and lowering your monitor. You can pull it forward, backward, to the right, or left. If you need to move your monitor, this stand allows it.

AVLT Dual Arm Desk Mount


The AVLT Dual Arm Desk Mount is a great option for two monitors. It fits between a 13-inch screen to a 35-inch screen and up to 33 lbs for each monitor. It is heavy-duty and clamps onto your desk. If you want to change it to a through the desk mount if you feel it is more secure.

It swivels so you can keep the monitors close or far apart. You have many options for positioning your monitors and freeing up the room on your desk for more items or just to have that clean look.

Huanuo Triple Monitor Stand

The Huanuo Triple Monitor Stand is a universal monitor stand that clamps or can go through the desk. It is great for flat or even curved monitors. It is sturdily made of aluminum metal. With three swivel arms, you will find more workspace with the optimal angles of your screens.

Perlesmith Full Motion Wall Mount


If you don’t want a stand that clamps or is freestanding, you can opt for the Perlesmith Full Motion Wall Mount. You don’t have to deal with a stand being on your desk or the risk of it toppling over. It can hold up to 77 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about support.

It doesn’t have the angle that some of the other stands, but it does swing out so that you can bring your monitor closer or farther away. It comes with the necessary tools when you purchase this mount, so all you need is a drill and drill bit.

Bottom Line


There are so many options for you today when installing your curved monitor. You don’t have to settle for one type. You can choose which option or style is best for you and your workspace. And installation is quick and easy and will take less than an hour.

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