What Causes A Jerky Wireless Mouse? And How Do You Fix It?

The use of wireless electronics has become a major trend in recent years. From wireless headphones and earpieces to wireless keyboards and mouses, the use of wireless items has become popular. Issues arise, however, when those wireless items begin to act jerky or begin to lag. This can cause for frustration to emerge in whoever is using the item.

A jerky wireless mouse can be the cause of great frustration for the one using it. There are many reasons a wireless mouse can be jerky or lagging, such as the signal between the mouse and sensor being interfered with or the mouse drivers on your computer. Luckily, all of these issues can be solved.

Continue reading to learn some of the reasons for why your wireless mouse is jerky or lagging. Also, continue reading to learn ways you can fix your wireless mouse to stop the jerking and lagging as well as some of the best wireless mouses recommended by Amazon.

Causes Of Jerky Wireless Mouse

A jerky wireless mouse can cause you to feel frustrated. Whether you are playing a game on your computer, surfing the internet, or just writing an email, a jerky or lagging mouse can become a distraction and make you feel frustrated as the mouse can be difficult to use in this state.

Some common causes for a jerky wireless mouse are:

  • Interference between the signals coming from the mouse to the nano receiver
  • Outdated mouse drivers
  • Faulty or dying batteries
  • The mouse being defective or old

All of these are common reasons for a mouse to be jerky or begin to lag. Luckily, each of these issues can be resolved.

Ways To Fix A Jerky Wireless Mouse


There are some easy ways to solve most of the issues you may have with a jerky mouse. One of the most common solutions is to simply buy a new wireless mouse. This is a good option if you know the problem is mainly due to the mouse itself rather than other aspects of your computer or the nano receiver that could cause the mouse to be jerky.

Some other ways you can fix your wireless mouse to stop it from being jerky are:

  • Updating the drivers on your computer
  • Checking the battery in the mouse and possibly changing the battery
  • Replacing the nano receiver
  • Trying another USB port

All of these are ways to solve the common issues that can make your wireless mouse jerky or laggy.

Best Wireless Mouses

There are many good wireless mouses that you can find browsing in stores or online. Below are three of the best recommended wireless mouses from Amazon.

HP Wireless Mouse X3000 G2 (28Y30AA, Black)


The HP Wireless Mouse X3000 G2 is a great wireless mouse that has many features which make it one that Amazon recommends. Some of these features include:

  • Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • Contoured comfort
  • Efficient battery life, with the battery lasting for up to 15 months of use

You can find the listing for the HP Wireless Mouse X3000 G2 here on Amazon.

Amazon Basic Wireless Computer Mouse with USB Nano Receiver, – Blue, 5-Pack


The Amazon Basic Wireless Computer Mouse is one that is smooth and precise. The mouse offers a reliable and powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection. While this is a good wireless mouse to use on your laptop or computer, some consumers have had issues with the way the batteries need to be angled in order to be put in and the smaller size of the mouse when compared to other computer mouses.

You can find the Amazon Basic Wireless Computer Mouse here on Amazon.

Wireless Mouse, seenda 2.4G Wireless Computer Mouse with Nano Receiver

This wireless Mouse from seenda offers a 2.4 GHz connection that allows for a strong and reliable connection up to a 10-meter working range. This mouse is also compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Linux, and Vista 7/8. Consumers agree that this mouse has a good hand-feel and is very comfortable.

You can find the Wireless Mouse from seenda here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts


There are many reasons a wireless mouse can start to act jerky or begin to lag. Some of these reasons can be solved without having to buy a new wireless mouse, such as changing the battery in the mouse or updating your computer drivers. However, it may be that the solution to your jerky mouse is to buy a new one.

You can find many wireless mouses when browsing in stores or online. Amazon’s top three recommended mouses are all good fits for laptops and desktops. They are also all received well by consumers and may help to solve your jerky mouse issues.


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