What’s The PS5 Failure Rate?

The PlayStation 5, Sony’s latest console release, was greeted by gamers with such enthusiasm that it became the company’s fastest-selling console to date. Currently, those intent on owning a PS5 are awaiting the console’s restock, but rumors of significant system issues and high failure rates are making many relieved that they dodged the bullet purchasing it upon release. Like all electronics, each PS5 is susceptible to a failure rate, but to what degree. 

There is currently no decisive data on the PlayStation 5’s failure rate. Initial concerns with the console’s system-on-a-chip (SOC)s demonstrating production yields as low as 50%, combined with other issues reported by current PS5 owners, and common manufacturing flaws and defects imply an abnormally high failure rate that might lower with time. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the predominant issues regarding the PS5 and why this might indicate that the system has an uncommonly high failure rate compared to other consoles and electronics. As you read, you will also learn how these claims of high failure rates might be deceiving and ways that PS5 owners can potentially reduce the risk of their PS5 failing.

Reasons Why the PS5 Seems to Have a High Failure Rate?

Before we delve too deeply into this topic, it is important to note that much of this is speculation, as there is currently no conclusive data stating the PS5’s failure rates. As a result, we cannot say with certainty that it is any higher or lower than what would be deemed “acceptable” for a console. 

What we do have regarding the PS5 that might indicate it has an uncommonly high failure rate are reviews and reports from the millions of people who currently own it. While many of them give five-star ratings that the PS5 meets or exceeds their expectations, there are a significant number of owners who have reported their console frequently crashes or freezes. 

Some of the most common reasons why these instances occur include:

  • Rest Mode bug
  • Damaged power cord
  • Outdated system software
  • Damaged or corrupted game files
  • Console overheating
  • Transferring data from PS4 to PS5 via USB or LAN
  • Transferring data from PS4 to PS5 via external hard drive
  • Error code CE-108262-9

As you can see, some of these explanations are easily solvable and even preventable, while others are due to manufacturing flaws. The “Rest Mode” bug, in particular, has been a hot topic lately, as many PS5 owners experiencing this issue are astounded that Sony has yet to fix it. Still, looking at the list above, it’s clear there are a number of issues the company needs to address that are resulting in frequent system crashes for too many PS5s. 

Why A Presumably High Failure Rate Might Be Deceiving

It is arguably safe to say that as console technology progresses, newer generations, like the PS5 are undoubtedly going to have higher failure rates as the manufactures and engineers strive to include CPUs, GPUs, and other components powerful enough to support higher refresh and frame rates, higher resolutions, and other specs that gamers are increasingly prioritizing. 

An article by Codec Moments analyzed the perceived increase in failure rates upon the impending release of the PS4 and stated that electronic components and circuitry are consistently reducing in size while simultaneously being designed to be more powerful. Consequently, “as things get more complicated the chance of a failure increases and the reliability of a product decreases, and the longer a product is used, the higher the chance of component or system failure.”

They also make a valid point that failure rates tend to be high when a console is first release because the company is becoming more aware of the console’s manufacturing flaws and defects. Over time, these issues will be addressed, and the failure rates will fall. So, while data might be released that the PS5 is experiencing exceptionally high failure rates since its release over a year ago, it is likely that these percentages will drop with time.

It is also important to note that a potential contributor to the PS5’s perceived high failure rates is the console’s significant sales upon release. As we stated previously, the PS5 is Sony’s fastest-selling console. While it wasn’t its best-selling console (that award goes to the PS2), a reported 17.3 million people currently own it, and when that many people experience console issues, word spreads fast. 

This results in a reportedly high failure rate that has no real statistical support or the reports that are recorded are being compared to consoles that have sold significantly fewer units, meaning they have fewer failure reports overall.

How You Can Protect Your PS5 From System Failure


An unfortunate reality of your PS5 crashing is that there’s nothing you can do regarding manufacturing issues. However, there are ways you can ensure you don’t contribute to your PS5’s failure rates otherwise. 

Proper maintenance and care for your PS5 can drastically reduce the frequency of system failures and promote system longevity. The most important steps to take are to ensure your system has sufficient space for proper airflow and to clean it regularly.

If you were to refer back to the list of reasons why the PS5 is crashing for many gamers, you’d notice one can almost certainly be avoided by utilizing the steps previously mentioned. 

System overheating is a primary cause of console failure and damaged components, and while this can be caused by component defects, it is more commonly a result of poor care. Providing your PS5 with ample space for sufficient airflow is paramount to the system maintaining an optimal temperature during use. 

Additionally, keeping it clean through regular dustings will prevent dust, debris, and other particles from clogging the console’s vents and fans, which can also result in overheating.

While these are far from all the regular maintenance you should perform on your new PS5, they are two of the most influential that will help guarantee your expensive new console lasts for years. 

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that the PS5 has had a rocky road as far as its release is concerned, and we wouldn’t blame readers for being hesitant to purchase one of their own, if not for its price than for the many issues it seems to be experiencing. Although there is no definitive data on the PS5’s failure rates, frequent reports of system crashes would indicate that it might be wise to wait a little longer to purchase this console, even after it’s finally restocked, until the company fixes all of its bugs.








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