Why Is PS5 Download Speed So Slow? Tips To Increase And Improve Faster

It is no surprise that the PS5, Sony’s latest console, has one of the fastest response rates available to enhance loading during games. While this is all the more reason to invest in a PS5, you might find that the PS5’s download speed is incredibly slow. So, why is PS5 download speed so slow?

The download speed is almost always related to the internet connection. While there are a few other reasons why your PS5 may have a slow download speed, optimizing your internet connection is likely the best way to get downloads faster.

Read on to learn why PS5 download speed is so slow as well as tips to increase and improve the rate at which your PS5 downloads different features. The problem is likely not related to the PS5 itself, but there are many reasons your PS5 may not download quickly enough. From your internet connection to traffic on your PS5, you should have no problem finding and fixing the problem.

Why Is PS5 Download Speed So Slow?

Several reasons may cause your PS5 download speed to be slow, but the most common of all has to do with your internet connection. If you do not have a secure or reliable connection to WiFi, you will find that downloading something onto your PS5 is seemingly impossible.

Whether you are not connected to the internet, your router is too far away, or you simply need to switch internet providers, chances are that your PS5 download speed is slow because of its connection to WiFi. However, there are a few others causes of slow download speed which will be covered below. Above all, optimizing your PS5’s download speed is essential to keep your video game endeavors running smoothly.

Below are the most common reasons your PS5 download speed is slow. Luckily, you should not have serious problems fixing the issue, which you will learn shortly. Since most causes do not involve the PS5 directly, you will not have to worry too much about major malfunctions with the console.

Why Would A New Console Be Slow?

As mentioned, the source of a slow download speed is likely not due to the PS5 itself. Since it is the latest console, bug fixes will probably have already been sorted out. If anything, your PS5 may need an update. If it is up to date, you can rule out a problem with the PS5 itself. Unless none of the other possibilities below seem to be the cause, there is a very small chance that your PS5 has a malfunction.

If the problem does end up stemming from the PS5 this could be a serious issue. Understandably, it can be upsetting to learn that something you spend a large chunk of money on ends up being problematic. You should be able to contact SONY Interactive Entertainment to help you sort out the problem. 

WiFi Connection

Oftentimes, the reason your PS5 download speed is slow is that it is not securely connected to the internet. As WiFi is the means by which your PS5 can function online, it plays an essential role in the download speed. If you are not connected to the internet, not only will you find that the download speed is slow, but it will probably not work at all.

Just because there is a problem with the WiFi does not mean you are not connected. There can be other ways that your WiFi or router connected interfere with the download speed of your PS5. Another common example involves your router being placed too far from the PS5. Especially if it is located in a different room than the PS5, distance and walls can interfere with the connection.

As you will learn, a few other problems with your WiFi router could be the cause of slow PS5 download speed, and they are all quite easy fixes. In any case, the numerous problems with your WiFi router are typically the main cause of why PS5 download speed is so slow.

In most cases, a problematic router or spotty WiFi is not always evidence that you need to change WiFi providers. While this could be a possibility eventually, you should not stress too much about having to switch providers. 

WiFi Type

On the other hand, sometimes things may simply not work out between you and your internet provider. Commonly, multiple internet providers offer WiFi in your area, and it is not unusual if one company provides faster internet than another. It could be the case that you had the misfortune of doing business with a less-than-average internet provider.

In this circumstance, you might consider switching internet providers, but keep in mind that this is not always necessary. Aside from having a lesser WiFi type in terms of providers, you could also benefit from gaining internet access differently.

Wireless WiFi is certainly the most popular form of internet connection, but it is not always the best choice when playing video games. While it may not be problematic for everyone, a wireless connection does not always provide the most secure flow of internet. Especially when you are in another room, wireless WiFi must reach around barriers such as walls and cover the distance between the router and the video game console. Disruptions are common when this happens, and you may consider changing the way you connect to WiFi.

Number Of Devices On WiFi


Your PS5 download speed could very well be slower because of the number of devices connected to the network. WiFi routers may not always have a set maximum amount of device capacity, but there is certainly a point in which having too many devices slows the connection speed dramatically.

Especially if other devices connected to the network contain aspects that may make downloads slower, such as their own downloads, the number of devices connected to your network is likely going to be the cause of slow download speed for the PS5.

You might not even realize some devices are connected. It could be from devices you do not even use anymore, devices that you do not know require WiFi, devices of friends or family, or – if you do not have a password on your WiFi network – devices others in your area have used to connect to your WiFi.

Traffic On Your PS5

Even if your PS5 happens to be the only device connected to your WiFi network, the amount of work your PS5 is doing can slow down the speed of its download capabilities. It may do a fine job of downloading one thing at a time without you using an app or playing a game. However, perhaps while you are doing something else on your PS5, you find that the download speed is substantially lower.

If there is a lot of traffic on your PS5, it will not download as quickly as you might be used to. Even something as simple as listening to music from an app or playing a game that does not require an internet connection can disrupt the download process. If the PS5 has to allocate its power out, it will not be able to complete the task at hand as it should.

Tips To Increase And Improve Faster Downloads

Several causes can make your PS5 download speed slow. In most cases, it does not have to do with the PS5 itself but instead deals with the PS5’s connection to WiFi. A problematic WiFi router can be a pain to deal with.

Now that you know the most likely causes of slow PS5 download speed, you can continue below to learn the best ways to increase and improve faster downloads. As mentioned, most of the fixes are simple and quick. In worst-case scenarios, you might have to go through a bit more trouble, but aside from switching internet providers, nothing should come as too much of a surprise.

It is also worth noting that PS5 download speed being unusually slow could be a result of numerous causes. So, while you try to figure out what is making your downloads take so much time, make sure to check all of the fixes below off of your list. Keep in mind that it might not only be one singular reason.

Test Or Reboot Your Internet Connection

If your PS5 takes a while to download data, the first thing you need to do is check to make sure you have a secure connection to your WiFi network. There may not be a definite reason, but sometimes, devices disconnect from the router. If this is the case, it will potentially stop the download completely.

If you see that your PS5 has disconnected from the WiFi, reconnect. You can then test the connection to see if it is secure, how fast downloads are predicted to work, and whether there might be an underlying problem with the network settings. If the connection seems to have reconnected successfully, check the downloaded data to see if it is downloading faster.

Restart Your Router

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There could still be a connection problem that is not more related to the PS5 itself. Sometimes, your WiFi router might need a refresh. Rebooting your router can be a useful way to reboot its connections with various devices. Keep in mind, however, that if you have to restart your router regularly, there could be something else wrong with it.

If you need to restart your router, it should not be an issue. For most WiFi routers, you can simply unplug the power cord, what a few seconds, and plug it back in. This can reboot the system and fix any disrupted connections that might have been lost. Even when it disconnects from other devices around your home, it should reconnect to them with no problem.

Download One File At A Time

Oftentimes, some people get too eager and try to download multiple files at once. Trying to do so with files that contain huge amounts of data can cause problems. Even with a smartphone, you might have faced trouble with trying to update a bunch of apps at once, only to find out that it takes longer than expected.

The same goes for a PS5. The main difference is that the files you download on a PS5 typically contain much more data than a smartphone app, so the downloads are going to be extended either way. As mentioned, trying to download many things at once will take longer than downloading one file.

Check your downloads to make sure only one file is being downloaded at a time. Even if you would like to download multiple files, doing so individually will be a faster process than inputting so much information into your PS5’s system at one time.

Use PS5 Rest Mode


One feature that many PlayStation users do not utilize often enough is PlayStation’s Rest Mode. Rest Mode allows your PS5 to perform basic functions without using as much power as it does when it is fully functioning. This includes things as simple as PS5 software updates and can also apply to downloads. 

Start downloading a file, close other apps and games, and then out your PS5 into Rest Mode. With the PS5 running at a low power setting, it will be better able to put most of its efforts towards downloading the file in progress. It can be convenient to do this when you are not using your PS5. For example, if you are getting work done, need to run some errands, or anything else that does not involve your PS5, you can put it in Rest Mode to complete a download.

Disconnect Other Devices

The more devices you have connected to your WiFi, the slower your internet speed tends to be. If you have several devices connected – especially ones you do not use – you should consider disconnecting them. At the very least, you could temporarily disconnect devices such as a phone or computer from the network while the download takes place. This can work wonders in speeding up your PS5’s download capabilities.

Move PS5 Closer To Router

If you have a wireless connection, the problem could be that your console is located too far from the router. If the router is in a different room, consider trying to move it closer to the PS5. This can also be a temporary relocation. If the router is in a prominent area in your home, it is better off remaining there to better connect to all other devices.

Update PS5

The fix could be as simple as updating your PS5 software. If your PS5 is not up to date, some of its functions might struggle to work properly. Go to your settings to ensure that the software is updated to the latest version.

Change WiFi

This does not only involve switching internet providers. You can change the method you use to connect to WiFi. As mentioned, wireless connections are not always the best for video game consoles. Many people choose ethernet cables to connect their router to their console. Even if your PS5 is in a different room than your router, an ethernet cable does a more sufficient job of transferring WiFi directly to your PS5, making it unimportant if the router and PS5 are in different rooms.

In other cases, you might have the unfortunate luck of choosing a terrible internet provider. Slow downloads can be stressful enough, but if you notice that your WiFi does not work great with other devices in your home, you might need to think about switching internet providers. This can be a burden due to extra costs and the inconvenience 

High-Quality Routers And Ethernet Cables

For better quality PS5 download speeds, you might consider buying a new WiFi router. Even if you stick with the same internet provider, investing in a newer router can improve the speed of your WiFi and, thus, the speed of your PS5 downloads. If you are interested in an ethernet cable, it can also greatly improve results. Below are a handful of popular routers and ethernet cables that could help your PS5 downloads function more swiftly.

Eero 6 Mesh WiFi Router

The Eero 6 Mesh WiFi Router is one of the most popular routers you can find. It has a coverage of over 1,500 sq. ft. while providing up to 900 Mbps download speed. 25+ device capability is impressive enough, but the Eero 6 Mesh can support over 75 devices.

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

The TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router is another popular choice. This router provides an amazing 1,750 Mbps and is compatible with any internet service provider. With such a great download speed, you should have no problems with PS5 files.

NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router

NETGEAR is one of the most well-known internet router providers. The NETGEAR 4-Stream WiFi 6 Router is one of its best products. It can have download speeds up to 1.8 Gbps, covers up to 1,500 sq. ft., and can sufficiently support 20 devices.

Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Most Ethernet cables are going to get the job done just fine, but the Cat 6 Ethernet Cable is one of the best choices. The 50-foot cable can extend to different areas of your home, so if you want to keep your router in a main area but your PS5 is somewhere else, you should have no problem maintaining a strong connection.


While poor WiFi connection is the main cause of your PS5 downloading files so slowly, there are a few other reasons to consider. In almost every circumstance, it should be an easy fix, and you can find yourself downloading extra data in no time.

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