About John Hammer

Hi there! My name is John Hammer, author of Gizbuyer Guide and I want to personally thank you so much for visiting my about page.

Consumer tech products drive a huge amount of learning and interest from me, ranging from the PlayStation, Xbox, and Apple iPhone, to even PCs, Macs, and all sorts of electronic accessories. I find a tremendous amount of joy helping others (and readers like you!) understand their tech gizmos through easy-to-follow guides, beneficial information, and completely honest product reviews.

Ever since I was able to walk I had a gadget of some sort in my hands, whether it was the PlayStation Portable, Gameboy Color, or the original Xbox. I remember vividly during road trips with my family, at home, or when we would be at restaurants I would be tied to some kind of gizmo.

Even in high school I would have friends that would come up to me and ask me all the time for my recommendation on the latest tech that just got released and what my experiences with them were.

And yes… I still love using gadgets of all kinds! I love being the guy that stays up til 3 AM (since I live in the midwest, 12AM pacific time) just so that I can be one of the first to click the “pre-order” button on the latest smartphone at 3:01 AM and get my hands on it (yes yes, it’s my guilty confession).

I get so excited when I hear any rumors and news about what’s going to be in the latest gaming consoles, computers, wearables and handhelds such as how it’s going to improve the immersive gaming experience, make aspects of our lives more connected and efficient, and what the differences between each are going to be.

To learn even more about troubleshooting and using products in the tech industry, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at the University of Michigan where I dove into courses surrounding mobile electronics, video game development, and digital media.

Well… this only ignited my passion for consumer technology products even more, and made it my mission to start this website, Gizbuyer Guide, to share my knowledge and troubleshoot walkthroughs of these very same gadgets.

Please also take a look at my YouTube channel, which also covers topics like PlayStation gaming, efficient cleaning tips for wearables, and finding the best TV settings for audio and visual connections.

I appreciate you!