Beats Powerbeats Pro Review: So Good I Forgot the Airpods


On Amazon for its lowest price and 30 day return guarantee, the new Powerbeats Pro is truly one of a kind. Released shortly after Apple launched their much anticipated Airpods, the Powerbeats Pro have created a sensation.

Apple’s new workout buds have managed to pleasantly surprise people around them. They have also managed to downgrade all other competitors, including the famous Airpods.

These wireless workout buds have coupled a stylish, sporty design with good sound quality and many other remarkable features. They have better quality, design, and are more technologically advanced than the Powerbeats before them.

It is important to notice this improvement as it showcases the company’s dedication towards improving and providing the best products to their customers. 

This Beats Powerbeats Pro review aims to shed light on the most pros and cons of the most prominent features of this product. Some of these include

Wireless Design

The new Powerbeats Pro has a wireless design. This means they operate through Bluetooth and there is no wire joining the two ear-buds together. The connection is also very strong and the sound quality does not falter when the person is running or working out.



  • The connections stay strong during workouts and do not falter even when the person is running.

  • The connection is not affected even in crowded areas. 

  • The lack of wire helps reduce inconvenience and the ear-buds remain comfortably attached to the wearer’s ears.


  • In some crowded places, the connection tends to falter for a second or two.

  • Multiple signals in crowded places may also lead to the connection faltering.

The Structure

The new Powerbeats Pro (aff. link) has an innovative and comfortable design. Unlike the older Powerbeats, these have a more delicate and elegant body that fits comfortably into your ear. They have a playback control button in the center which you can use to control the volume and playback.

In addition, these earphones are extremely light and are designed to fit snugly into your ears. The micro-laser barometric venting hole reduces pressure and increases the quality of the sound you hear.


  • The padding and the micro-laser venting hole ensure that the quality of the sound you hear remains high.

  • The design ensures a comfortable fit during strenuous workout sessions. Despite the slim nozzle attached to the earphones, they remain comfortably attached to your ears.

  • It attaches itself to your ear in a way that it feels like a part of your ear and does not lead to any discomfort. 

  • You can activate Siri and use it to control the Powerbeats pro which is an additional advantage. 

  • It is water-resistant and is not affected by water exposure or sweating.


  • Pulling them out from their charging case can get a little difficult because of how their body is structured and angled.

  • It might take some time for you to adjust and attach the clips to the bottom of your ear. But once it is done, the piece slides comfortably in your ear.

The New H1 Processor

The new Powerbeats pro has the same H1 processor that was a part of Airpods 2. This little chip works absolute wonders in increasing sound quality and pairing.  

Due to this little feature, the Powerbeats Pro connects instantly to other devices and streams music. It also helps iPhone users connect their devices to the earphones. It can also help them connect with Siri and use it to command and control the device. 


  •  Bluetooth connects instantly to devices and does not falter.

  •  iPhone users can activate Siri through this processor. 

  • The sound quality is improved because this processor detects speech through a speech-detecting accelerometer. It can read the speaker’s jaw movements. This ensures clear communication.

  • Long and short-range sensors control the device and detect your movements. These sensors pause all sounds when you remove the device from your ear. 



  • The connection can falter sometimes if you are in a moving vehicle.

  • The connection may also falter if you are running or biking.

Battery Life

The Powerbeats Pro comes with a beautiful charging case that can be used to store and charge the earbuds. The device has a battery life of almost 9 hours without the charging case. And can work all day if you have the charging case with you. This means you can listen to music undisturbed for almost a third of your day!



  •  Long battery life means you don’t have to worry about the earphones shutting down suddenly.

  • The earphones do not take a lot of time to charge.

  • The earphones charge quickly during the time you store them in the charging case so you don’t have to worry about where to put the earphones during the time they charge.

  • Wireless charging makes the charging experience more convenient for you because you don’t have to carry a wire around with you.

  • The case itself lasts around 2.5 charges which means you don’t have to worry about the case not charging the device properly.


  • The charging case is slightly large and might be inconvenient to carry around for some people.

  • The charging case requires a Lightning cable, unlike the Airpods’ case which charges wirelessly.

Water Resistance

This is perhaps one of the most attractive features of these wireless workout buds. These earphones are completely water-resistant. This means that they will not be affected by water which is great because people who work out in the gym tend to sweat a lot.

Since the primary audience for this product is people who practice one form of sport or the other, these ear-buds will not be affected no matter how much people sweat.



  • Since the Powerbeats Pro is water and sweat resistant, you can wear them in the gym and even during a quick shower.

  • You can stay in water for considerable amounts of time (i.e. in a shower) and the device will continue to work normally. This means you can listen to your favorite music in the shower after a workout!


  • It is not advisable to wear these during a swim or a long shower because there is a chance of the device malfunctioning.  

  • Since this device has an IPX4 Certification, it can only be exposed to small amounts of water at a time and might fail if they are submerged in a large quantity of water.

Sound Quality

The Powerbeats pro has better sound quality compared to its predecessors. You can listen to all kinds of music, have a conversation with someone, and even watch a movie on this device. These earphones have a lower bass which improves the overall audio quality by gently boosting the high and low points of the audio.


  • Improved audio quality compared to the Powerbeats 3 makes this device a better alternative.

  • Plays a variety of musical genres with the same consistency including EDM, Rap, Pop, and R&B.

  • The turned down bass adds clarity to the overall sound and lyrics don’t get drowned out in the music.

  • The audio is not slanted which means you can watch shows and movies with ease.


  • This device does not completely block out all external sounds. Due to which, you may have difficulty listening to the audio in public spaces.

  • Due to the lack of noise-cancellation technology, you will have to increase the volume every time you are in a crowded or noisy space.


Both the ear-buds in this device have volume and track controls. In addition, there are optical sensors and motion accelerometers that activate the audio as soon as they detect you moving. This device can also read your commands through your jaw movements which are great, especially for iPhone users who can connect it to Siri and their devices.


  • It can be easily connected to Siri and iPhone devices. This means that Siri can be used to select and play any music that the speaker wants to listen to. 

  • You don’t have to repeatedly pick up your phone to adjust the volume because you can use the controls that are placed on both of the ear-buds.

  • You will not need to repeatedly pick up your phone and switch the audio on or off. The motion detectors will detect when you start moving and will start playing the audio for you. 

  • These tiny wireless workout buds have all the controls on them which makes them a small and convenient package. 



  • There may be some cases when the device does not correctly detect your voice which could cause a glitch. However, this is rare and there not been many cases of the controls on the ear-buds failing.


The Powerbeats Pro (aff. link) is available in a variety of colors. The classic black color is stylish and professional. It is a classic color and is loved by all kinds of people. Classic black earphones add a touch of style to your workout. In addition to this one standard color, this device is also available in the colors Ivory, Moss, and Navy which are all unique.



  • All these colors are standard and loved by all kinds of audiences. Sportsmen and sportswomen tend to prefer plain and classy devices that look and feel comfortable. 

  • The new colors are gender-neutral and are liked by both genders.

  • Many colors will be introduced together which gives people a variety to choose from. 

  • The colors are creative and unlike the usual reds and blues.

  • The names of the colors are also attractive and unusual. “Ivory” and “Navy” have a nice ring to them. 


  • The variety of colors will be introduced in summer which means that people will have to wait for the launch and only have the option of buying black Powerbeats Pro for now.

  • Only three new colors are being introduced which is not an extensive variety and some people may expect some more colors from the company.

Additional Equipment

There is a variety of additional equipment that comes with these workout buds. This equipment includes a charging case, Ear tips in four different sizes, a lightning to USB-A cable that is used to charge the charging case, a guide, and a warranty card. All these things are included within the price you pay for the earphones. 


  • You get a variety of additional equipment within the same price that you pay for the earphones which is a good deal. 

  • The ear tips are available in four different sizes which is convenient because you can choose the size that fits you instead of settling for a standard size. 

  • The warranty card is also an advantage because you can return the product and also get a refund if there is an issue with the product. 

  • The guide is extremely helpful since it helps you set up your wireless workout buds and also connect them to other devices. 


  • The Lightning cable might be inconvenient for some people to carry around. Other products such as Airpods charge wirelessly which makes them very easy to carry around.

  • The charging case is heavy and weighs a considerable amount. It feels like a paperweight in your pocket. This might be inconvenient for some people since other competing products (i.e. Airpods) have much lighter cases.


These wireless workout buds are currently available in the market for around $250. This is a relatively high price point. However, in this Beats Powerbeats Pro review, we compared this product with its predecessors and its current competitors (i.e. Airpods), the Powerbeats Pro does not disappoint. 

It’s H1 Processor, excellent connectivity, great sound quality, a 9-hour battery life, a variety of colors, and easy accessible controls make these workout buds one of the best in the market. Despite the slight connectivity issues that may occur sometime, the overall package is quite wonderful. 

The advanced technology allows you to make calls, watch shows and movies, and listen to your favorite music. So if you are someone who loves to be entertained during your workouts, you should definitely consider buying the Powerbeats Pro by Beats.

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