Can You Wear AirPods In The Shower? Here’s What To Know

Whether it’s a fact or pop culture fable, the shower is one of the primary places people like to blast their favorite music and belt it like a superstar. This is usually done with the speakers that come with their musical device or ones they can connect it to, but what if you don’t want your music filling the bathroom? Can you use your high quality AirPods in the shower to enjoy your favorite tunes in secret?

AirPods are not made with water resistant materials and should therefore not be worn in a shower or similar environments where they are submerged in water or exposed to high humidity and moisture percentages. Doing so will cause irreparable damage and reduce AirPod integrity and longevity. 

In this article, we’ll discuss if there are any AirPods you can safely wear during your shower time thanks to waterproof or water resistance. 

Are AirPods Waterproof?

The only way it would be feasible to safely wear AirPods in the shower without the risk of damage would be if they were completely waterproof due to materials used and overall design.

Unfortunately, no AirPod models currently in existence are waterproof. Some models, such as the AirPods Pro, are all water-resistant, to a degree, to help prevent damage caused by sweat or light rain, but they will experience significant damage if placed in a running shower.

While it wouldn’t be unfeasible to assume a future waterproof model of AirPods is on the horizon, for now, showering music lovers who are loyal to Apple have to stick to speakers.

Are There Any Waterproof Headphones?

Thankfully, yes! There is hope for those of you who are willing to invest in a pair of headphones that aren’t produced by apple. Below is a list of the top headphones on the market that are completely waterproof and, therefore, safe to wear during even the longest of showers. 

The best waterproof headphones include:

It’s important to note that most of these are actually MP3 players with up to 4GB of storage rather than your typical wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. 

The reason for this is that Bluetooth technology is almost entirely ineffective when submerged in water, and while there is less water involved in a shower than say swimming (which is what many of these options are designed for) there is enough present to cause interference and less than ideal functions. The alternative would be the headphones you can plug in, which poses two problems:

  1. Now you have to waterproof your music device
  2. Fewer and fewer devices are being created with built-in headphone jacks

Still, while you might have to go through the extra effort of downloading some of your favorite songs and podcasts onto a few of these options or waterproofing your device, the bright side is that they are all tried and true options that can even withstand the strain of swimming underwater, so your daily showers shouldn’t pose a challenge.

What Can You Do If Your AirPods Get Wet?


Let’s say you assumed your high quality AirPods would be able to withstand the conditions of a shower and now they’re entirely soaked. Typically, this would cause severe damage to its internal electrical components and essentially ruin them. But before you toss in the towel and predict that your AirPods will never be the same, there are some steps you can take to hopefully save them.

The only way you can potentially save a pair of wet AirPods is to dry them out as quickly and safely as possible with the hope that whatever water they were exposed to did not cause irreversible damage. Ideally, you should wipe off the exterior of the AirPods using a dry, lint-free cloth or microfiber towel.

This will remove excess water from the AirPod’s exterior, but now you need to draw out any water that might have seeped inside the headphone housing. 

While it has been a common practice for years to place wet electronics into bowls of rice, this is often more harmful than helpful as it is likely that bits and particles of rice will lodge themselves in and around your AirPods, causing more issues. If these get wet, they could even lead to mold or fungal growth that poses a risk to your ear health.

You should also refrain from placing your AirPods back in their charging case and/or plugging them in to charge until you know they are 100% dry. Otherwise, you risk causing a short circuit and sealing their fate. 

In the end, leaving your AirPods out to air dry in a warm, well-ventilated, and moisture-free room is the best thing you can do for them. This isn’t the fastest method by any means and can make owners feel as if they’re doing very little to help their cause, but the unfortunate reality is that at this point there’s little you can do apart from crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. 

Will Apple Replace Water-Damaged AirPods?

AirPods, like many Apple products, are exceptionally high quality and, therefore, expensive gadgets. Because of this Apple offers a limited warranty for these and similar products in the event that they are purchased defective or certain types of damage occur, but does this cover water damage?

It is clearly stated in Apple’s “AirPods Replacement, Service, and Repair” page on their official website that “Our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications.” Sadly, water damage, especially that caused by an innocent show, is considered an “accident” and would not warrant a free replacement of your damaged AirPods. 

If you find that only one AirPod was damaged during this event, you could purchase a replacement off Apple’s official website or send in your damaged headphone(s) for repair (for an out-of-warranty fee or fee per incident with AppleCare+) rather than purchasing an entirely new pair.

Final Thoughts

Although technology is rapidly evolving to meet the general populace’s growing demands, Apple has not yet created a pair of AirPods that are completely waterproof, so if you value your AirPods’s functionality, you should refrain from wearing them in the shower. Instead, we recommend opting for one of the waterproof headphone or MP3 options we listed here or sticking to the standard speaker.


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