Offline Gaming on Xbox Series X or S: All You Need to Know About Achievements

Hello, fellow gamers! Today, I’m here to answer a question that many Xbox Series X and S owners have: Can you get achievements offline on Xbox Series X or S?

Achievements are a fun way to track your progress and accomplishments in games, but what happens when you’re not connected to the internet?

Let’s dive into it.

Can I Get Achievements Offline on Xbox Series X or S?

Regardless of online status, you can still earn achievements while playing offline on your Xbox Series X.

When you complete an achievement while offline, it will be stored directly on your console.

The next time you connect to Xbox Live, the achievement will be synced to your Xbox profile. So, even if you’re playing without an internet connection, you can continue to rack up those awesome achievements.

How Do You Get Achievements on Xbox Series X?

Achievements on Xbox Series X are earned by completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones in games.

These can range from simple tasks like completing a level, to more complex challenges like finishing a game on the hardest difficulty.

When you earn an achievement, you’ll receive a notification on your screen, and the achievement will be added to your Xbox profile.

Can You Lose Achievements if You Play Offline on Xbox?

Although it can seem like everything on Xbox needs to stay online these days, you won’t lose any achievements if you play offline.

As mentioned earlier, any achievements you earn while offline will be stored on your console and synced to your Xbox profile the next time you connect to Xbox Live.

So, you can play with peace of mind knowing that all your hard-earned achievements are safe.

Can I Play Xbox Series X Games Offline?

While some features and games require an internet connection, many Xbox Series X games can be played completely offline.

Just make sure to download any updates or additional content you might need before going offline.

And remember, any achievements you earn while playing offline will be added to your Xbox profile the next time you connect to Xbox Live.

Final Thoughts

Playing offline on your Xbox Series X doesn’t mean you have to miss out on earning achievements.

Whether you’re connected to the internet or not, every achievement you earn is a testament to your gaming skills and accomplishments.

If you’re experiencing intermittent internet disconnect issues on your Xbox Series X, be sure to read this article I just posted where I provide some solutions to stabilize your network connection in case you’re experiencing disconnect issues on Xbox Series X or S here on

So, game on, achievement hunters!

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