Can You Mix AirPods?

Maybe you lost one of your AirPods or only have access to two different buds. Whatever the case, you have one Airpod for each ear from a different set. You might wonder – can you mix AirPods? Or do AirPods only work with other buds from the pair they come in when you invest in the AirPods?

You can mix AirPods – they don’t have to be from the same original set. With Bluetooth and the AirPods case, the two different AirPods will be recognized as the same pair. All you need to do is follow a simple process.

Read on to learn more about mixing and matching AirPods. We’ll discuss how to swap AirPods, what to do if a mismatched alert appears, and more. There’s a lot to consider when mixing AirPods, so let’s get started.

How to Mix Airpods

How do you mix AirPods? There are a few steps to take an original AirPods and connect it to one from a different set. By following these steps, you will have a new set of AirPods.

Here’s how you can mix AirPods successfully:

  • Pick the AirPods you want to mix and set them next to each other.
  • Take the AirPods case and put both AirPods inside. Put them in the proper spot, left and right.
  • Connect the AirPods to the device with the top open.
  • Press and hold the back button, waiting for a prompt on your screen.
  • Click the connect button on your phone.

After these steps, you will have a brand-new pair!

You can start listening to your music right away through these AirPods. It’s best to use a right and left set so you can get optimal sound for your listening experience. It only takes a few steps to transform two strays into an excellent set of AirPods.

What if ‘Airpods Mismatched’ Appears?

Sometimes, the pairing might not go as smoothly as is ideal. You might see an ‘AirPods mismatched’ indication appear on your screen. What does this indication mean? What do you do if this indication appears?

If you see this sign appear, you should:

  • Remove one of the AirPods from the case
  • Pair the one AirPod left in the case
  • Remove it from the case and replace it with the other AirPod
  • Repeat with the other AirPod

Both will pair after these steps are completed.

It can be frustrating if things don’t go according to plan, but there’s no need to fear. There’s always a solution for AirPods that struggle to match.

What if the Airpods Are From Different Generations?

One thing to note – you cannot use AirPods together if they are from different generations. If they aren’t, they won’t fit in the same case, and you can’t connect them simultaneously. The replacement must happen in the same way as the original AirPod option.

If you don’t have a second AirPod from the same generation, there is no need to fear! Apple and other sellers offer singular AirPods for a more affordable price than a set of AirPods. There are simple ways to access singular AirPods if you don’t have the same generation easily accessible for the pairing of mismatched AirPods.

Should You Order a Single Replacement or New Buds?

If you’ve lost an AirPod, it’s possible to pair it with a mismatched AirPod. But, is this the best choice? Should you get a singular replacement for the AirPod or a new set of buds altogether?

For some, it makes more sense to order a new set of AirPods. You know that both AirPods are the same age and likely sound the same. You also have a new charger, a new case, and a new chance at keeping these safe.

If you want to save money, replace the missing AirPod with an extra one you might already have or invest in a new one. It doesn’t cost too much to replace the lost bud.

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It’s possible to mix AirPods, and it doesn’t take too much effort. If you lose an AirPod there is no need to despair! You can take an AirPod from a different set or order just a single new one to fix your pair. As long as they’re from the same generation, two different AirPods will pair well together.

We hope this information was helpful! Airpods can be expensive, and it’s simple to despair when you lose one. However, there is no need! As long as you can find a singular AirPod, you are good to go.


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