Do Xbox One Controllers Work on Series X?

We all know the frustration of having a company bring out a new console and all of a sudden you need new controllers, games, and accessories before you can even ease into playing or setting up your new console. However, Microsoft is one company that helps to manage the unnecessary purchasing of new accessories with a new console. 

With series X, most Xbox one controllers and other accessories are compatible. Certain things may require a different type of cord or plug-in, but they will still work just as well as anything you can get specifically for Series X.

While there are some accessories that many people are likely to never give up, certain things just won’t transfer or connect well to newer models. You may have to choose between a new console or your accessories such as the Kinect system. 

What Xbox One Accessories Are Compatible With Series X?

Since most Xbox One accessories are said to work with Series X, the big question is what specific accessories work and which ones may have issues or hang-ups with compatibility. The great thing is, that Xbox has done extremely well at outlining the accessories that will and won’t work well with all of their different models.

If you have any problems connecting or using any of your older Xbox One accessories, it’s best to check them with your Xbox One console before assuming the issue is with your newer console. Often times there are issues with accessories that people aren’t aware of and they end up blaming the console before trying to fix or replace the accessory. 

To avoid any potential issues before connecting your accessories to your new console, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Turn off the mute option on all your headsets before connecting
  • Disconnect all controllers from your old console
  • Ensure everything is charged
  • Make sure all cords are providing adequate connections



Most of the Xbox One controllers work perfectly with the Series X and you can even use it to charge your older wireless controllers, you just need a different connection for your charging port. The newer model, the Series X, requires you to use a USB-C cable for the connection instead of the micro-USB. 

Controller TypeCompatible With Series X?
Xbox Wireless Controller (Xbox One & Windows)Yes
Xbox Elite Wireless ControllerYes
Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2Yes
Xbox Adaptive ControllerYes
Xbox One Play & Charge KitYes, with a USB-C cable
PowerA MOGA XP5-X Plus Bluetooth ControllerYes, via remote play


Once again, most headsets that work with Xbox One are also going to work well with the Series X. However, you won’t be able to use Bluetooth to connect your headsets to your Series X, you will need to use a wired connection. 

If your headset isn’t working, it’s possible the problem lies with the headset and not your new console. The biggest issue users have reported when trying to connect their headsets to Series-X is discovering their headsets have been muted accidentally. Once fixing the mute issue, most problems are resolved and headsets work perfectly fine. 

Headset NameCompatible with Series X?
Xbox One Stereo HeadsetYes
Xbox One Wired Chat HeadsetYes
Xbox One Stereo Headset AdaptorYes

Other Accessories

other random accessories don’t have specific groups that they belong to, and while some of these accessories will work well with Series-X, some of them will not. The Kinect accessories have all been discontinued and while they can still work with Xbox One, they will not work with Series X for any game. 

The digital TV tuner that was made specifically for Xbox One will not connect or work with Series X and there hasn’t yet been one made for the Series X. 

Now, there are a few other accessories that are lesser know that will connect and work with Series X such as:

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Final Thoughts

If you want to switch from the Xbox One to the Series X, you won’t have to adjust much based on accessories or controller. The biggest issue you may have is not being able to use Bluetooth or the Kinect accessories with the Series X. 

No matter whether you choose to switch or stay, it’s worth noting that Microsoft is a company that cares more about ease of transitioning for their customers and products than they do about making money and making things obsolete. 

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