Can a Projector Replace Your TV? What You Must Know

Projectors are a hot item in audio/video these days. They have unique capabilities that lead some people to trade in their television sets for a home theater setup. So can you replace your television with a projector?

With limited results, you can swap your large, expensive television for a smaller and less costly projector. However, you can expect that some functions will not have the reliability of the tv, and certain rooms will not be able to house the projector setup.

Dipping into the world of audio/video electronics is exceptionally daunting because there are so many companies producing top-tier gear in countries all around the globe. Don’t make an expensive mistake that leaves you with a cloudy picture and unfulfilled dreams of clarity. Read on and learn everything you need to know about using your projector as a television.

Replacing Your Television with a Projector

There are several reasons people think of replacing their televisions, and you would be surprised by their reasoning. What you should be thinking of before making the swap is: what would I be using the projector for? 

A few reasons that people are replacing their TVs with projectors are:

  • Cost – You can get a gnarly projector for under $1000 with all the capabilities and refresh rates of televisions ten times the price. Thrifty people will notice that with a bit of elbow grease and the right setting, you can make a home theater for the cost of a mid-range television.
  • Aspect – The next thing that draws people to projectors is how large an aspect they can get. One of the most giant TVs you can get is around 100 inches. However, there are modes where the screen can reach over 130 inches with a projector!
  • Room – As a television buyer, you are usually constrained by the size of the screen and the dimensions of the box. With a projector, you can alter the size of the screen for whatever type of viewing you want. That means the projector can go in several different rooms and still work great.

Replacing your television is a big step for some people. For others, it is an opportunity to get outside the usual constraints of viewing and immerse themselves in an environment that could only be rivaled by your local theaters.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Replace Your TV with a Projector

On the flip side, there are several good reasons to keep your television and not wade into the world of projectors. People could be rushing into a situation that looks to suit their needs but could create a severe hitch in their tv watching giddy-up.

A few reasons to keep your television instead of a projector are:

  • Clarity – While projectors can have the same refresh rates and resolutions as the most expensive televisions, there can still be problems with picture clarity. Buying expensive screens and painting walls with a high-priced non-reflective projection paint, say that five times fast, can cost you much more than the price of your projector.
  • Light – Light will have significant adverse effects on the projector. It works by sending light from the lens on the machine. If the room is dark, the projection will have stable color. However, if there is too much light, the picture will be fuzzy, and colors will not translate.
  • Purpose – Not trying to sound like your mother, but why are you watching the tv? If you are a person who likes to binge the newest shows or have an all-day movie marathon, you might want to stick with the computer. Projectors are only suitable for a limited number of hours each day unless you are into replacing expensive parts regularly.
  • Expensive Parts – Another downside of the projector is how expensive the parts can be. The bulb, which is the heart of the machine, can cost around $225 to replace, and if you use the device more than 4 hours a day, it will need to be replaced about every nine months.

There’s a world of reasons that a projector might not be for you. That doesn’t take away from what the machines can do or how well they could stack up against a television. You should know all the facts before heading out and spending $1000 on anything! Much less on a projector that could be the nail in our Netflix bingeing coffin. (Source)

Can You Use a Projector for Gaming?


Another area where a projector could eclipse a television is in gaming. There are things about a projector that make them more attractive to gamers. The world of gaming on the professional level is exploding, and gamers are always looking for new ways to improve their tactics or find equipment that helps them.

A few reasons that projectors are good for gaming are:

  • Portability – Having a gaming rig that you can take anywhere is crucial to gamers. The professionals need a way to take their games on the road and not miss a beat working out strategies for competition. Projectors allow them to move their game and screen with them. Making everywhere a practice area.
  • Usability – A projector in gaming becomes much more than just a television. Using the screen to share information with your team or opponents is a common usage of projectors. They are also Wi-Fi compatible, which means they can put any game on the system and let her rip.

Gamers should track down a projector setup and see how they like it. Once they see how easy it is to move and how the resolution is just as good as television, they will take the leap. Gamers know a good thing when they see it, and a gaming system that is playable anywhere with power is as good as it gets. (Source


A projector is one of the best options for replacing your television. If you have the correct setup, you can watch a movie or sporting event with a crystal clear picture that will rival any theater or live event.

Be sure to do your homework before you buy a projector. There are additional items you might need to buy that will increase the price you were expecting to pay. Also, remember that a projector must have a room with very little light. Therefore, purchasing dark shades and window blockers could ratchet the price of the project even further.

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